Marketing Mix Up

We take the time to fully understand our clients short and long term goals. We then make up the stepping stones that lead on to success through our effective marketing strategy. 

Bringing out the Best in Your Brand

As a company we create the best possible foundations to make brand loyalty happen. We pride ourselves on delivering a service that is enticing and memorable. 

Creative Consultancy

All our relationships are built upon trust and understanding. No matter how diverse an idea we will sit down and talk it out until we fully understand your vision.

Sale Success

To give your brand the best possible platform we specialize in face to face communication. We are all about developing and maintaining long-term relationships through word of mouth.

Positive Promotion

Through promotions and campaigns that are both visual and informative, we set the stage for our sales professionals to shine.

Research and Reports

At the front end we research all possible avenues to execute further brand success. We then monitor all progression so we can reflect and enjoy results.


EMIE Marketing strive to always deliver an excellent customer experience, and ensure that clients receive a high-quality results.

  • 96%

    Customer Satisfaction

  • 100%

    Guaranteed ROI

  • 91%

    Returning Customers

  • 93%

    Client Recommendations

About us



We will tailor fit the needs of our clients to deliver a campaign that is purely original. Through research and a team of leading professionals who understand the modern day market, we have developed a strategy that is both personable and dynamic in its approach. Our main goal is to bridge the gap between client and consumer through an intelligent and personable marketing plan. Brand longevity is our legacy.

Creating exposure is what we do. We want brand awareness as well as brand loyalty. The key to this is to establish long-term relationships through face to face and one to one meetings with the right target audience. Through marketing events and campaigns we demonstrate the benefits of working with your company. Seizing all opportunities for the exposure of your brand is always a constant; we will seek out the best possible platforms to voice the full capabilities and benefits of your brand. Through face to face interaction we can adapt to the individual that we are addressing, leaving them fully in the know of what your brand is about and why it is the right choice for them.
The brand is not going to make itself known that is why we have a team of trained professionals who can gravitate individuals to your brand. We want to contribute to your companies’ image and raise the profile of your brand. Getting the word out and making your brand known is our primary goal. We will target your audience through what their needs and wants are.
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    What is Direct Marketing?

    Direct Marketing is a more personalized approach to marketing. Our method of direct marketing involves meeting customers in person out in the field. By taking the time to meet and interact with customers on their own terms, we can build more meaningful customer relationships which leads to increased sales and customer loyalty. Interacting with customers directly allows our clients to gather enough personal data to personalize the customer experience and understand the complex needs of their customers that competing businesses may overlook. This approach also allows customers to interact with brands and their products, providing them with in-depth information and support which helps them to make confident purchase decisions.  

    How Could EMIE Marketing help my business?

    As experts in our field, we can take the risk out of marketing for your business. We use our industry experience to identify and test your target markets, ensuring we only roll out a campaign in a demographic that is guaranteed to get results. We take each client as an individual and work closely with them to incorporate their unique values into their campaigns to create a strong brand identity. To drive our clients towards success we not only create and implement campaigns, we also monitor and track their progress with up to the minute data that allows us to keep one step ahead of market trends.

    What are the processes involved in developing a direct marketing campaign?

    Outsourcing your direct marketing to us is extremely easy, and can free up vital internal resources within your business, giving you the tools to grow your business at the rate you want. If you would like to use our services all you need to do is get in touch. We will then organize an initial meeting to discuss your business, brand identity, product and objectives. Once we have a clear view of what you would like to achieve through the campaign we will then identify the best target audience for your product and roll out a test campaign to gauge customer reaction and feedback. This information will then be incorporated into the campaign for the official run to guarantee your business the highest possible ROI.
    Whilst the campaign is running, we will keep you informed at every stage and provide you with detailed reports and customer feedback, highlighting the progress of the campaign and the customer acquisition rates.


      Our Environment

      EMIE Marketing has touched down in the heart of Orlando Florida and is taking the marketing industry by storm. The vibrant city provides an array of opportunities for new business ventures and young professionals looking to make their mark. This is the perfect environment to ignite the spark for new brands wanting to make themselves known. We bring all relevant components together to create that marketing magic which cannot be replicated or replaced.

      Our Experience

      Our team of professionals have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the marketing industry. We have come together to provide the best possible platform for clients to drive and expand their brand. Creating longstanding relationships between client and consumer is our core aim. Through consultation and the implementation of our marketing know-how, we always deliver. Your vision combined with our expertize is vital, we aim to please all parties and deliver a service that exceeds expectation. At the very heart of the marketing process is the client’s dream and as a company we will do whatever it takes to make that dream a reality.

      Our Team

      Our team of brand ambassadors understand the importance of driving both product and campaign. The best way to do this is through direct sales at a highly professional and informative level. Our trained experts will take the time to understand every element of the brand, its benefits and how it can co-assist the consumers’ needs. We monitor all progression so that you can see the results for yourself. Through our transparent services we walk parallel with our clients, giving insight into all new developments big and small. It makes us happy to see you happy. We enjoy results but ultimately your positive feedback is what gives us a great sense achievement.

      Our Motivation

      Drive and ambition has helped us to reach out and improve the overall image of company brands on a big scale. We are now looking to expand internationally and are currently on the lookout for both experienced and driven individuals with a passion for marketing and sales. If you feel that your attributes would be beneficial to our thriving business we would like to hear from you.

      OUR BLOG

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      Work Opportunities

        At EMIE Marketing we are constantly in search of the next wave of talented individuals who can help our company continue to grow and prosper.

        Customer Service, Promotions & Sales

        Working with many Fortune 500 companies, our clients require the best and most professional representation.  We are seeking out talented Account Executives. While we don’t require any specific experience; the role is ideally suited to ambitious and outgoing individuals who are confident speaking to people face to face.

        Graduate Opportunities

        Our positions are the perfect opportunity for students looking to gain some business experience.  Through one on one training we educate on our business basics including: sales and marketing strategies, customer acquisition and promotion. 

        Management Training Program

        Our Management Training Program is an accelerated learning program which is extremely unique.  We take a candidate from an entry-level position, and within 6-12 months, we provide them with all the skills and knowledge to be able to oversee their own projects.  The time is varied, as people learn at different rates.  Candidates will have a personal mentor, have access to business seminars, client and In-house workshops, networking conference calls, video tutorials and weekly development meetings.  They will then have the chance to apply the skills they have learned in a pressure-free environment.

        Ready to Apply

        If you think you have the attributes to make you a good fit at EMIE Marketing and you would like to learn more, forward your CV through the on-line process making sure you include a cover letter outlining what you think makes you the right candidate.

        If your application matches our client’s requirements, you will be contacted by email or phone to arrange an appointment to meet us. Each opportunity advertised has a tailored selection process.

        Ready to apply?  Send your resume and full contact information to our Human Resources Director, Rhianna Diem at

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